My Books of 2021

2021 turned out to be a year of poor reading in terms of numbers, going by standards of previous years. I think there was a lethargy as a result of the pandemic that came over me. I don’t think its an isolated case though as I have seen some other people slack over the same period. Like last year, everything was an audiobook. That makes almost impossible to read local authors. I try as much as possible to read a wide array of topics and not just the international geopolitics which I am generally interested in. Below is my 2021 list:

  1. Fault Lines — Raghuram Rajan — quite a number of things stood out for me especially when thinking about it from the Nigerian perspective.

Best book: Elon Musk and Tesla — the guy is a raging genius.
Worst book: A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind — a propaganda fest.
A book to read again: Probably Elon Musk as this is my second time of reading Outliers.
Best fiction: Persuader — the action at the opening was quite adrenaline pumping and the book maintained a decent adrenaline level throughout .

Sadly, I read no book focused on Nigeria despite buying a few such as Formation and Salafism in Nigeria.

In 2022, I shall make no commitments to the number of books to take on and any specific direction. I will see where the wind takes me.




Agriculture entrepreneur, M4P Specialist, tweets @grandespinale

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Kabir Lawal

Kabir Lawal

Agriculture entrepreneur, M4P Specialist, tweets @grandespinale

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